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Home Air Sanitization Servics in Western New York

At Pure AirCare, we provide professional home air sanitization services that ensure the safety and sanitary of your home and its immediate environment. 

When you choose Pure AirCare, not only will you get the best of top-notch disinfection services, but you will:

  • Get multiple cleaning systems for the best possible home disinfection.
  • Have access to industrial home disinfection equipment
  • Work with insured and licensed technicians.
  • Receive BBB certified services
  • Access EPA-approved botanical solutions.
  • Receive thorough electrostatic disinfection services

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Sanitary Disinfection Services

When you talk about disinfection methods, the most effective of them is electrostatic disinfection. At Pure AirCare, we use electrostatic to ensure there are no traces of contaminants (germs, fungi, bacteria, or viruses). We conduct electrostatic disinfection combined with the robust botanical solution to achieve this.

Pure AirCare boasts licensed, insured, and skilled technicians that can execute disinfection in the most professional, efficient, and economical way.

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So How Do our Sanitary Disinfection Services Work?

Here’s how sanitizer disinfection works in three simple steps.

  1. Atomized, positively charged, botanical solutions are distributed evenly by air compressor technology.
  2. The solutions particles are attracted to every surface, including hard-to-reach crevices in the home. They evenly coat the surfaces.
  3. When the coating has been achieved, the home/surfaces are left to saturate for a short while. While that is going on, the agents in the botanical solution go to work in killing germs and microorganisms for allergens. 

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